Date Auction 2018: Time Travel

By UVSA Gulf Coast (other events)

Saturday, November 17 2018 6:00 PM 10:00 PM

Date Auction is a charity event in which schools in the Gulf Coast come together to showcase performances and raise money for CPP. Every year since 1995, Date Auction has grown bigger and better. In 2018, the collective efforts raised by the partnering schools was $18,240!

The event itself is a huge kickstart for many VSAs. It provides an experience to new and veteran members to connect with other universities. Each year has a theme and this year is Time Travel. Each VSA chooses a time period they wish to represent. They’ll plan and practice for several months to perform in front of hundreds of people!

What’s this year’s Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP)?
The beneficiary this year is The Children Of Vietnam. Their focus is “Building Community: Early Education & Access to Clean Water in C’Tu Villages of Quang Nam”. It’s a dual kindergarten/clean water project with the construction of six village kindergartens and six reverse osmosis water filters.


There is a strict "No Alcohol" policy. During check-in, VSA TSA members will be checking all bags for any restricted items.